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Precise fixtures used to manufacture

and overhaul control surfaces

(G-36 Bonanza Shown)

For Exchange with paint send:

Trim Tab, Pin, Tab Rod and your

information including AC S/N

Overhaul Services:

SRS has been re-building

“Flaps, Ailerons, Elevators and Ruddervators”

for seventeen years (FAA Certified Repair Station U5LRO68X in 1999). With thousands of completed surfaces to our credit and thousands of satisfied customers, we are the perfect fit for big or small business.

Getting started:

All we need from you is a phone call or a email with the information we have on this site (see Contact us page), we give you a quote, you accept the quote, we get started. For 99% of the  parts we make exchange and we do not require a deposit, if you change your mind, no worries, we will sell the part to the next guy. We will NOT charge your credit card until your order is complete and ready to ship.


One Price Exchange Policy:

SRS accepts your core as is with no future up charges, the core has to be in as removed condition. What does that mean?  In most cases when a shops quotes for a “reskin”, this doesn’t cover the cost of over and above parts like main spars which are assumed reusable. It means if you backed it into a hangar, no problem we accept your core return as is with a crunched spar, no extra charge (for example a B-58 spar is $1000, Ruddervator spar is $1500 ). This can potentially save you thousands of dollars and avoid the hassle of trying to collect more money for over and above from your customer weeks later if you’re a FBO.


Domestic Exchange:  

SRS starts with a core, we strip treat and prime the entire frame, we replace any part that isn’t in as new condition with a new part, scrapping a part is an easy decision to make because we manufacture all of the frame parts for the flight controls we reskin. When we are finished we send you your new part in a aluminum box, you remove your new part and put the core in the box, place the return label over the old label and call UPS to pick up the core.


Partial Exchange for Overseas:

SRS realizes that the cost of returning a core from a foreign country far exceeds the value of the core. For elevators we have a partial core exchange program where you send the small high value parts off of your core in a small box. Typical small box freight charge is $200 vs $1500 for the whole core (typical). Our up charge is $400, you net $900 savings (typical).  Note: Foreign customers see “overseas” in shipping section.

Exchange with Paint:

In the case of Elevator exchange all you have to do is send us your trim tabs, tab rod and tab hinge pin. We match the paint from your tab then strip your tab, treat it and install it to your new elevator. Then we paint, bake your paint for 2 hours then balance. For other controls such as Ailerons of Flaps we require a 4x4 inch paint sample. See Photo


Are paint codes useful? 

Codes are somewhat useful, but they only guarantee a blendable match(that’s 2 shades), we strive for a perfect match. Except in special circumstances we require a 4x4 inch or larger sample.



If you have a Ruddervator with complex striping sometimes its better to  send your ruddervators in so we get the correct placement of the stripes. You may think our price for putting on stripes is a little steep but keep in mind, in addition to expensive paint (metallic is usually $100 a pint) putting on stripes is a lot of work, we lay out the stripe with fine line tape, tape off the entire part, apply the base coat, let dry then apply the clear coat. Essentially 2 paint jobs for one stripe. 



Who we sell our Elevator kits to: 

SRS  only sells our Elevator kits to authorized rebuild centers. Who are these rebuild centers? We of course rebuild controls using our kits, we also have vetted several well establidhed flight control shops throughout the USA and world. If you want to use a local person we are more then happy to give you the name of a local shop that uses our parts. If you want to become a authorized rebuild center our criteria is simple, send us a photo of your work and fixtures. Our policy does not guarantee perfection to the end user, but it certinally helps weed out the hacks. This is a win for the end user and a win for SRS Aviation.


Photo below was a control sent to us to fix from

a owner that swore to us in the beginning that

“my mechanic can do it right”. (Clearly Not !)

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