STC Covers all Twin Bonanzas, Queen Airs, and King Airs. See Below

(King Air Smooth skin)


Kit 99-130000-KIT LH(RH)

Covers Models 65-A90, B90, C90, C90A, C90GT, C90GTI, E90, 65-A90, B90, C90, C90A, C90GT, C90GTI, E90, F90, 99, 99A, A99A, B99, C99, 100, A100, B100

Aluminum Boned Skins     New Internal TE Ribs

Replace Manesium Skins and structure with Aluminum. Approximatly 23 parts to this Kit

(Queen Air and T-bone Corrugated Skin)


KIT 50-130002-KIT LH(RH)

Covers Models 50, B50, C50, D50, D50A, D50B, D50V, D50E, E50, F50, G50, H50, J50, 65, A65, A65-8200, 70, 65-80, 65-A80, 65-B80, 65-88, 65-90, 65-A90

Our 90 Smooth Skin  Kits are complete with everything you need. We know through years of expierence that the smooth skin aileron trailing edge ribs are all bad so we supply those, the skins are latest bond style and there aluminum, the static wicks are T-style.


Our Corrugated Queen air Twin Bonanza Ailerons have over 23 parts in them to convert the entire assembly to aluminum.