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Shipping Information:

Do not pack anything in peanuts, if you do we promise to gather them up and send them back so you can deal with the mess too.


When using UPS, Do not use heavy 2x10s and flimsy OSB plywood for UPS, they charge by the pound. The cost of materials to do it right is about $40.00. We use 4 ply 15/32 plywood and 1 1/14 course drywall screws to build our wood boxes, we also use electrical wire for the handles on either end (rope works too).


Do not try to use Fed Ex Ground/Express for big crates, they will take the box and put it on Fed Ex Freight, a semi truck, then charge 600% more for the shipment and likely destroy the part. UPS is the only express carrier that moves big crates (see chart for limitations). Its most economical to ship ground, air is available for AOG, in all cases we pass our shipping discount to you.


Insurance: If you’re worried about your box getting lost, get insurance. Know this, nobody pays for damaging your stuff, they will gladly accept the money for the insurance but in the end they will claim it wasn’t packaged correctly and will not pay a damage claim, so do a good job packaging your stuff. The only exception to this rule is if a Fed Ex or UPS store packages your stuff, then they will pay an insurance damage claim.

         Shipping FYI.


For Overseas Shipments Duties and Customs:

We require you to have UPS account to pay for the duties and Customs fees that are assessed when your part arrives in your country. The shipping fees can be put on our account and we will pass our 45% overseas shipping discount on to you. If you want, you can use your account for the entire shipment (including duties), we cannot pass our discount onto you.


When using Trucking Companies: has a good web site to schedule shipments and pay online with your credit card.

Trucking Companies insure by the pound so expect $200 for a $10,000 part if it gets damaged so package accordingly. When using a truck company weight isn’t a big issue so in this case use 2x10s and heavy plywood. Put ship skids on the bottom of your crate which count in your dimension calculations, the fork lift driver will not move anything by hand, he/she “Never gets off the forklift”, keep this in mind.

Most trucking companies are dishonest and double your bill (penalize you) for a crate that weighed 1 lb. more or was 1 inch longer than what you said it was at the time of booking, they hold your box till they get the (penalty) additional charge. Better to be safe and add 4 inches to length width and height of your crate and 40 lbs. Believe it or not, if you overestimate the size and weight of your crate at the time of booking it will probably only cost $5 more, not double if they catch it later and impose the penalty.          

All dimensions are outside dimensions! Be sure to include material thickness in your measurements!!!

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