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Aluminum Torque Fittings

      To CW with AD 89-05-02

Our fittings are same as factory except

They cost less. PMAed for all aircraft affected by AD 89-05-02 to include all

Barons, Bonanzas, T-34s and Travel Airs

King Air Tail Access Panels Kits

FAA-PMA kits to comply with SB 55-3835

What’s in our kit vs. the OEM kit? Let’s compare Apples to Apples.

                                                 OEM KIT   SRS KIT                             

FAA Approved Kit instructions                     √                  √                      

Access Panels                                                √                  √                        

FAA Form 8130-3                                          √                  √                          

All hardware to install                                  no                 √                          

Cut Templates to install                               no                 √                          


Save time and money, our precision laser cut panels install in a fraction of the time by using kit provided installation templates to make this job a snap(no free hand cuts and rotary files as the OEM would have you do). Reduce the OEM recommended install time from 40 hrs to 12 hrs. Our kit also saves you time and money by providing you with the install screws.


KIT 101-6003-0001SRS  

KIT 101-6003-0003SRS

KIT 101-6003-0005SRS  

KIT 101-6003-0007SRS

KIT 101-6003-0009SRS  

KIT PN 101-6003-0011SRS

Piano Key Replacement Handle

Direct FAA-PMA

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