Our Flat panels are FAA PMA or STC approved. They are rolled at the top bent at the bottom, what you’re paying for is quality and a legal installation.               


Overlays vs. SRS Panel     FAQ


Is the overlay under the control Column ring?


If so, then how do you properly rig the airplane without continued airworthiness instructions since the measurement has changed for the rig block at this location? This also means this modification is a major requiring a STC or field approval.


Is an overlay any heavier than a Stock or SRS Panel?


An overlay overlaps the old panel, adding a senseless pounds to the airplane.


Has the engineering for the load carried by the rivets or screws attaching the overlay been calculated?


Overlays look like hack jobs to the guy doing a pre-buy in the future, they are going to question the paperwork and workmanship every time.


Have you considered the labor hours charged by the avionics shop for installing the overlay is almost equal to the cost of a new approved blank panel?


A SRS panel can be installed in 1 hour, installing an overlay would take 5 hours or so.